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Escape the Shipwreck

Save Port Bolivar from Disaster!

Quick Details

Player 13 and over
Child 8 - 12
7 and under Free

Prevent a shipwreck disaster here in Bolivar Peninsula, Texas!

The ICW is used by thousands of barges to transport goods safely. Barges and ships have always depended on lighthouses as beacons to keep them from running aground.

What happens if a barge full of oil goes off course?

The light has gone out in the Point Bolivar Lighthouse. There is a barge full of oil trying to enter the Intercostal Waterway (ICW) and IF it crashes it could cause a huge environmental disaster to the waterways and land.

You must save Port Bolivar from a huge oil spill by getting the light turned back on and more.

You have one hour to get the light on or we will all certainly perish!!!


Our rooms are family friendly and not scary for youngsters. Bring the younger ones along, no need for babysitter. We also have coloring books available for them to occupy them while you have your fun. ALTHOUGH we can make Escape the Asylum scary if you want that.

We can also add presents or surprises in the rooms for things like birthdays, anniversaries or even a very special occasion.